Please. No more clowns.

A few weeks ago, I posted a short comment on a story in the news regarding clown sightings in South Carolina and how I thought it was kind of creepy. Probably a prank, but still creepy.

Now I’m beyond the creepy. It’s getting ridiculous.


Clown sightings are growing nationwide, including in my small town here in Missouri, where they had extra police patrols at the schools because of some vague comment someone made about the clowns harming teachers. Actually, I’m not really worried about clowns here because if you know anything about Missouri, we love hunting and guns enough that a good percentage of the population is armed. Take that, creepy clowns!

So while it was never really funny (“Poltergeist” and “It” pretty much snuffed out the idea of harmless clowns), it’s now annoying. Yes, there have been some reports of clowns committing crimes, likely sickos jumping on the bandwagon to provide some cover for whatever criminal activity they were inclined to do anyway. But I think most of the clowns out there are just looking for attention.

For the people doing it because they think it’s cool, please stop. It’s no longer funny or creepy. It’s just stupid. Sigh. Now the scariest thing in the news is once again the presidential election.



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