It’s Here! (Almost)

I uploaded “In the Presence of My Enemies” last night and pending any major technical glitches, it should be available very, very soon.

It is “live” on Smashwords and should be on Amazon later today (fingers crossed). And it should be going out to Barnes and Noble, Apple and other vendors within a few days.

In the Presence of My Enemies

As a side note, I’m temporarily offering “Flesh & Blood” at a reduced price for a few weeks. If you haven’t read “Flesh & Blood” (book 4), reading “In the Presence of My Enemies” first will reveal some major spoilers. This is my way of trying to prevent that.

Right now, “Flesh & Blood” is free on Smashwords and will eventually be free at other online retailers. It will be 99 cents at Amazon soon, and hopefully the Zon will eventually switch it to free when other retailers do. Usually that’s the case.

Happy reading!