Taking the plunge?

I have four novels published only in e-book format and I don’t own an e-reader. In fact, up until a few days ago, I was completely sure I didn’t want one. Crazy, right?
I am one of those people who loves the smell of books — when I walk through the library, I keep taking deep breaths to inhale the awesome smell of ink on pages. I like the weight of a book in my hands. I enjoy watching my progress as my bookmark moves closer and closer to the end.
I also am not particularly tech-savvy. I like my texting phone and have no interest in a smart phone. My husband thinks I’m just being a cheapskate. But the truth is that someone could give me one for free and offer to cover my data plan for life and I still wouldn’t want it. I hate trying to navigate the ‘net on that little screen.
So no one was more shocked than me when the idea of purchasing an e-reader began to take shape. I was at the dentist earlier this week and he was raving over his e-reader, talking about how it compared to his iPad and what he liked about each. Something about his assessment appealed to me. I had lugged in my thick book but his e-reader would fit in my purse and hold hundreds of books. Plus, I see so many cool indie books online that also only come in e-book format. And so many of my friends swear by their e-readers.
Now I’m doing some research and assessing whether or not I really will take the plunge. And, if I do, whether my purchase should be a true e-reader or a tablet with an e-reading app. Any advice for this newbie?