Do pictures really paint 1,000 words? I don’t think so…

A couple of books I’ve read and enjoyed are soon to be films, and I have to admit that makes me leery. I’m worried that Hollywood won’t do them justice. And … I’m probably in the minority … I don’ t think every book is meant to make the jump to the silver screen.
Take Stephenie Meyer’s book “The Host.” I didn’t see the movie, but noticed that the reviews were awful. As much as I enjoyed the book, I was pretty sure the movie wouldn’t work. The bulk of the emotional conflict takes place in the main character’s head — alien vs. human. That’s pretty tough to show on screen but works just fine on the page.
“The Hunger Games” was a decent interpretation of the book, but when I watched it with my husband, I ended up explaining all the things the movie had to leave out. And I did miss some of those facets.
In this case, my husband didn’t mind my ramblings. But I know my complaints can annoy him when a movie seriously deviates from its written source material. (I once had a mind snap after watching “Rising Sun,” which completely ruined Michael Crichton’s book.)
Sometimes, I’ll be reading a book and think, “Gee, this would make a great movie.” Usually there is plenty of action or really colorful characters or something that makes it work visually. But in some cases, I see that a movie is coming out based on a beloved book and just think “Why?”
As a reader, I want to keep that picture in my head of how the characters look and act. I don’t want someone else’s interpretation. But…sometimes it’s fun to see a character come to life (i.e. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss).
So what do you think? Can Hollywood successfully bring a book to the big screen?