Finally….Book 4

At last! “Flesh and Blood” is ready to be shared. I just uploaded it to Amazon and Smashwords. It should soon be uploaded to Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple and other online book outlets. 

I have mixed feelings about the fact the book is finally done. First, I’m relieved. After working on it for months, it feels really good to be done with it. It took a lot longer than I had planned, mostly because having a day job, a husband, two kids and a house that’s still under construction eats up a lot of your day. Not that I’m complaining. I am extremely blessed. I would just like to have unlimited time to write. Is that too much to ask? 

Second, I’m excited. I’m happy with how the book turned out. I had to do a lot of revisions to the initial story but I think it’s a good fit with the rest of the series. I had fun with the characters, Whit in particular. When I began writing the series, Whit was going to be a minor character, just someone who worked at the paper and added some color. However, he insisted, quite loudly, that he had a bigger part to play. This book bore that out. 

Three, I’m nervous because I want all of you to like it, too. Before I uploaded “Vengeance is Mine” in 2012, I thought I had a thick skin after spending so many years as a reporter. I was no stranger to criticism and harsh comments on the web. But self-publishing has forced me to get even tougher. I found that sharing a novel is a much more personal effort than writing articles for the newspaper. That means it’s easier to get your feelings hurt because you care deeply about the project. But the experience has also been a lot of fun. It’s one thing to write, thinking your words will never see the light of day. It’s another thing to have people actually talk to you about what you’ve been writing. I’m glad I decided to publish. 

And four…well it’s not really a feeling. It’s just a fact. Being done means I get to turn my attention to Book 5. I won’t lie, I love writing a whole lot more than I like editing. The writing portion of the book is already underway. Check out the first couple chapters at the end of “Flesh and Blood.” 

So, I hope you enjoy. Happy reading!