Just so you know…

From the time I started writing the Emily O’Brien series, I struggled with the fact the books weren’t going to fit neatly into any category. The books have strong Christian elements, yes, but they weren’t necessarily written as Christian books. I tried writing the first book that way initially but it just didn’t fit well with the story or the characters. So I decided to write it the way that felt right to me. I guess that’s the reporter in me.
And when I made that choice, I found Emily’s voice and that propelled the story forward. At the time, that was OK since I was writing just for me. I never expected to let anyone else see them. But I had a persistent husband and I finally figured, why not?
I’ve heard the term “realistic Christian fiction.” I guess that might be the closest category I could find, but it wasn’t an option on Amazon or Smashwords. And I’m not sure it really covers it all anyway.
So in advance, I apologize to anyone I offend — either because you don’t like my views on faith or because you don’t like the book’s profanity or realism. I realize the books have the potential to alienate both ends of the spectrum but I had to write the books authentically.
I promise to keep the books between PG and PG-13 — no F-bombs or raunchy sex scenes or grisly, bloody details that make you quit eating your lunch. And as the series progresses, I hope readers see a change in Emily, that she becomes a better reflection of her faith. That was one of my goals when I began writing, to create a newbie Christian character that matures over time. She’s definitely a work in progress.


10 thoughts on “Just so you know…

  1. I am not a Christian myself but I enjoy a good mystery, especially with a female investigator (I’ve tried my hand at writing some of them myself). I actually find the faith aspect of Emily O’Brien’s character to be fresh & interesting to read about. I say be true to yourself in writing this series & I will be happy to follow Emily’s further adventures!

  2. I too enjoy a good mystery and feel you do not have to make any excuses for being a Christian nor for including that in your charcter development. Vengenceance is Mine was a well written book that kept me turning pages to see what Emily would do next . I can’t wait to read Buried Alive.

    The only thing I didn’t like was the many typos, missing words, and in one case a grammer error. I am neither an editor nor a writer, so maybe I have no room to criticize. I know you are doing this for free so all I ask is for you to ask some,one, husband or friend, to read your books with a red pen in hand.

  3. I have read all three books and can’t wait for the 4th book. I don’t have much in the patience but I can’t wait for book 4. Thank you for an excellent story!

  4. I’ve read all three of your books and I love them. No steamy sex scenes to make me uncomfortable, just good solid writing. Just want to know when the 4th book of the series, ‘Flesh & Blood’, will be out.

  5. Just wanted you to know that I LOVE your 3 Emily books!!! Of course started reading the 4th book…and almost keeled over when I realized it’s not yet in print….(need I tell you that patience is a virtue I struggle with…lol). Is there any other way to be notified when it’s for sale?? I mean….I’m thinking of possibly an email notification???
    Pretty please 🙂

  6. I loved the first comment, from a non-Christian: “…I actually found the faith aspect of Emily O’Brien’s character to be fresh and interesting…” Hallelujah! Isn’t that exactly how we should represent Jesus? I’ll admit that I’ve shied away from “Christian” novels before…too often they are syrupy and sappy. A life following Jesus is anything but! Looking forward to “Flesh and Blood.”

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